Elected representatives and technicians from major cities will share European and international experiences These conferences will be organised with the help of French Universities (Paris, Grenoble), and International Universities (Switzerland, Canada).

Tuesday 27 november
9:00 – Welcome
9:30 – Presentation of CITYFLUX and the trade show
9:40 – Infos com*
9:55 – Conference 1 : « How redesign transports and sharing public area.»
By Bernard Landau (Architect, President of the town planning/public area district and Mobility of the Paris Engineers School.).

By Sébastien Capelle, Director of Mobilities and Smart Cities Orange : « Public network and Smart Mobilities. »

11:00 – official Inauguration
By M. Jean-Luc Rigaut, president of the Grand Annecy, M. Christian Monteil, president of the department council et M. Laurent Wauquiez, president of the AURA region.
11:30 – Feedback and discussion : My daily life with a hydrogen vehicle and fuel cell.
By Jean-Michel Joly, Engineer and Elected Grand Annecy.
12:15 – Lunch break
1:45pm – Infos com*
2:00pm – Conference 2 : « Integration of mobility in major cities and cross-border characteristics. »
By Antoine Grumbach (Architect / Town planner AG territory and Architect Grand Paris)
3:15pm – Infos com*
3:30pm – Feedback and discussion : Major cities (Over 4 Mhab)
Governance, design, integration, innovation …
Cities and mobilities: Paris, Tokyo, Londres, Montréal, Barcelone…
4:30pm – Feedback and discussion : Large cities (1,5 Mhab)
Governance, design, integration, innovation …
Cities and mobilities: Genève, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse…
Wednesday 28 november
9:00 – Infos com*
9:15 – Conference 3 : « How to reconcile the structural axes of public transport and individual mobility. »
By Eric Chareyron (Kéolis) and Stéphane Dumarty (Egis)
10:30 – Feedback and discussion : Medium-sized cities (from 35 000 à=to 40 0000 hab)
Governance, design, integration, innovation …
Cities and mobilities: Grenoble (by Yann Mongaburu, President of SMTC), Rennes (by Jean-Jacques Bernard, Vice President of Rennes Métropole), Brest (by Victor Antonio, Director of transports of Brest Métropole), Caen et Metz.
12:15 – Lunch break
1:45pm – Infos com*
2:00pm – Conference 4 : « Urban transport by cable.»
By Jean Robert Mazaud (Architect, S’Pace; author of the book « Trams du ciel »).
Intervention of BMF compagny and city of Brest.
Intervention of POMA compagny : « Cable transportation a proven mode of urban transport: Santo Domingo ».
3:15pm – Feedback and discussion : Practical guide to designing a mobility offer – CEREMA.
« Coworking spaces, a new (im) mobility service to promote urban sustainability? » By Patricia LEJOUX, In charge of research – Laboratoire Aménagement Economie Transports / Chargée de cours – ENTPE.
« Temporary innovations on mobility » by the Métropole of Lyon represented by Lucie Verchère.
4:30pm – Infos com*
16h45 – Feedback and discussion : Individual and collective electrical mobilities (issues and conditions of diffusion).
Eborn network by Syane (Union of Energies and Digital Development of Haute-Savoie).
Autonomous car : « a vision of autonomous and shared transportation » by Clément Delbouys, Director Western Europe Easy Mile.

Infos com* : 3 films of 5 minutes

"Infos com"


Six 15-minute com news will be available during the curtain-raising show of each conference.

At each info com, three films will be screened.

These films have an average duration of 5 min.

If you wish to submit your film, please contact us.

Price of the film: € 2,500

Conference Themes

The layout of the city and electric mobility

Geography and Mobility

Planning law and Electric mobility

Sociology and Mobility

Ethics and Electric mobility

Economy and Autonomous transport




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