27 & 28 november 2018
Impérial Palace – ANNECY

Why participate in the Cityflux trade show?

Participating in CITYFLUX is about finding the tools and means to better adapt the city and its urban spaces to the material effects of introducing new electric mobility.

Examples: where should charging points be located? Which car parks should be used for vehicles when they are geo-localised?
How to better share geo-localised individual transport? Or even future bus shelters, petrol stations in everyday life or the intermodality between light and heavy electric vehicles: cars, lorries, buses…

“Mobility in a city is a chain”

For this chain to work, collective mobility and individual mobility must be harmonised in their urban context.

How to arrange space to accommodate this new mobility?
How to organise mobility exchange zones?
How to facilitate the mix between individual and collective mobility?

CITYFLUX is the platform for exchanges between the CITY and MOBILITIES at the service of CITIZENS.

Cities in Europe and around the world have made the choice to change the distribution, the models and the modes of individual and collective transport. Electric mobility techniques are rapidly progressing and this mobility is now becoming an element to integrate in order to extend the composition of a city that we want to be more and more virtuous and at the service of all its citizens.

The populations are more and more urban.

Mobility and Freedom are closely linked in work, as well as the social, the cultural and the subjective elements.

Air pollution is increasing every year and, in 2016, caused 1,700,000 deaths across the world, 48,000 of which were in France and an estimated 26% or 12,500 deaths attributable to transport.

Mobility is either individual or collective depending on the location, time, number, duration, and frequency.

Mobility must remain at the service of the City and its population.

Conference Themes

The layout of the city and electric mobility

Geography and Mobility

Planning law and Electric mobility

Sociology and Mobility

Ethics and Electric mobility

Economy and Autonomous transport

Who can participate?

This trade show is aimed at political and technical decision-makers, specialists in the design and operation of the city, urban and design architects, developers and property developers, energy producers , mobility manufacturers, operators and providers of mobilities, and managers and operators of mobility supports.

This show will cover all the individual and collective mobilities, land, air and sea.




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